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when ur followers reblog something from you and add terrible commentary


Title: Monster Verse
Artist: Nicki Minaj
Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Played: 263448 times


A threshold moment in human evolution


#hey itunes instead of making all of us get the u2 album how about make a skip to nicki’s verse button  

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How to Tag Gifs for People with Epilepsy: A Masterpost


Hello Tumblr! I’m here to talk about something near and dear to my heart: tagging gifs that could trigger an epileptic seizure. This is a huge issue (google SUDEP if you don’t believe me), and yet it doesn’t seem to get much attention from the community at large. Very often I see people claim “I don’t know what to tag!” and so they either tag every gif or none at all. That’s why this post was made. I’m here to educate you and spread awareness.

If you follow the ‘read more’, I’ve gathered a whole army of gifs with the help of the lovely eyelash that will help you understand what should and should not be tagged. WARNING: If you are a photosensitive epileptic or bothered by gifs in general, please do not click the link below. The gifs within are many and quite triggering.

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Too Cute IS too cute, my heart is melting, and I’m going to die.


"Thank you Nozomi"

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